Beam::Emitter v1.004 released


This week, I released a new version of Beam::Emitter. A lot has changed since the first releases, so here's some details on all the new features.

Beam::Emitter is a role for turning your classes into event emitters. Being an event emitter allows other classes to subscribe to important events from your object. Subscribers can use these events to perform additional tasks, transform your object's data, or otherwise extend and enhance your class. Beam::Emitter makes your class extensible by allowing you to provide specific places for custom code to run.

Since the 1.000 release last year, Beam::Emitter has gotten quite a few new features and bug fixes to make it easier to use and safer for your code.

  • Beam::Emitter now tracks listeners using a Beam::Listener object. You can also create your own custom objects for tracking listeners, which allows you to hang arbitrary metadata in your listeners.
  • Calling the subscribe method (or the on alias) to subscribe to an event returns a reference to a subroutine that, when called, will unsubscribe from the event. Using this subref makes it easier to avoid creating memory leaks through circular references when you want to unsubscribe from the event in the event handler callback.
  • Beam::Emitter no longer pollutes your namespace with things like Scalar::Util::weaken and Carp::croak. This makes it less obtrusive, though your existing code might die if you were relying on this bad behavior by Beam::Emitter (#sorrynotsorry).

I want to thank Diab Jerius (with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), Kent Frederic, and Yanick Champoux for all their help that has gone in to this project.