Development and Deployment with Docker

by Doug Bell
(he, him, his)
CC-BY-SA 4.0

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What Is Docker?

Not A VM

Not Hardware Simulation

Not Running an OS


Isolate a single process

Load a Linux Distribution

But not a new kernel

Copy Everything

  • Executables
  • Libraries
  • Files


A complete environment to run a program

Setup is Hard

What is Docker?

Container Management

Container Configuration

Layered File Systems

Multi-Container Applications

Dev Envs

Prod Envs


Our First Container

Layered Filesystem


Run a Command

Build A Container

Add Prereqs

Expose Ports

Docker Handles Networking

Mount a Volume

Volumes Share

Volumes Persist

Compose an App

Why Docker?

Software Demos

Automated Testing

Horizontal Scaling

Things VMs Do

But faster!