Release v0.043


A couple interesting changes this week!

There was a case where two apps could produce pages with the same path. Now, this produces a warning, and there's an attempt to do the right thing by making pages generated by apps more important than files simply being copied.

The url_root attribute was moved to the Statocles::App class, so that all apps have it. This will prevent an app forgetting to add it. In order to make this work, some new methods were added to the Statocles::App class to build URLs and links with the right URL root.

It's now a lot easier to use a default Theme and still get some minor customizations by specifying one or more include directories. See the Statocles Theme guide for more information.

A single Git repository can now have any number of site deploys inside. Just make sure the path is somewhere in the Git repository's working tree.

With Moo 2 coming out, Moo::Lax is not needed, so we've changed our dependency to Moo 2.

Full changelog below: