Release v0.046


A few new features and a bunch of bugfixes in this release.

Page objects now have a generic "data" attribute. This allows adding miscellaneous extra information to the Page, which is then available to the template.

Using this, the Perldoc app now has a crumbtrail and a link to the module source, and the blog app can now have introductory text for the tags that show up on the tag page.

There were some changes to the default theme to make extending it a bit easier.

  • The navbar has a default background color, so putting a background color on body is less surprising.
  • The grid columns are centered in their margin, so adding a background color to the columns looks better.

Finally, a document is now allowed to override its template and layout. The document page uses the document template to override the template provided by the app.

Because of this, we can now allow extra pages in blog posts. Just put the extra page inside the blog post's directory.

Full changelog below...