Release v0.040


The biggest new thing in this release is the new LinkCheck plugin that checks all the pages for broken links and images. This introduces a new event-handling API into Statocles, which will be called Plugins. See the developer docs for more information on plugins.

A bunch of bug fixes for the create command. It now actually works, instead of creating an unusable site.yml file.

The default build directory is now .statocles/build instead of .statocles-build. It is anticipated we might use the .statocles directory for some additional site metadata.

With Mojolicious 6.0 release, there were a few breaking changes that we needed to fix in Statocles. We now require 6.0.

Full changelog below:

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Statocles Beta (Release v0.039)


This is it! The beta milestone is complete!

This release adds the "create" command to easily create new Statocles sites.

Blog posts are now directories, which will allow us (in the future) to have images and other documents inside. The breaking part of this change was made now, and future additions will be made as beta progresses.

There were a couple reorganizations of the documentation and tests to make them easier to understand.

Full changelog below:

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Release v0.038


With a new way to quickly build old git versions, this release fixes compatibility with Git 1.7.

Unfortunately, we had to increase our minimum supported version of Git to 1.7.2, in order to get git status --porcelain and orphan branches. Neither of these are that big of a deal-breaker, so in theory we could support some slightly older versions of git.

Full changelog below:

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Release v0.036


A couple fixes and a couple breaking changes in this release:

The biggest fix is that now we check for ignored files or submodule files before trying to deploy to a Git repository. This should fix a lot of issues with deploying.

All pages now have a last_modified field, which has an appropriate default. Also, all the default includes are now templates, so you can use template variables inside them. This breaks all existing themes, so make sure to re-bundle your theme with statocles bundle theme.

Some getting started information was added to the Theme guide. In short, the best way to make your own theme is to start from one of the existing themes.

Finally, the static app now works correctly when it is not at the root of the site.

Full changelog below.

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