Release v0.083


A couple additions to this release: A new status command, and a new -raw flag to disable the template rendering when using the include helper.


  • The new statocles status command shows you a quick status of your site, including the last time it was deployed and what date it was deployed up to (if different from the last date it was deployed). We will be adding more things to this later, so let us know if there are any statistics you'd like to know about your site! Thanks @perlancar [Github #516]

  • The include helper now accepts a -raw flag to disable the template renderer. This allows you to easily include Perl code and not have it mistaken for a template. Thanks justinQuiring on IRC for the bug report [Github #529]

    This isn't the end of this: We will likely fix the heuristics to ignore file types (extensions) that do not look like templates. This will be a breaking change, sorry.

Release v0.080



  • Blog slugs (folder path) are now a bit neater: Apostriphes do not turn into dashes, and leading and trailing dashes are removed. So, where the blog post "It's good!" would have previously looked like "/2016/06/02/it-s-good-/", it will now look like "/2016/06/02/its-good/". Thanks @Ferki! Github #507 Github #508

Release v0.078



  • Multiple blog posts on the same day are now ordered by their date attribute. This makes the ordering predictable and changable, instead of being ordered alphabetically [Github #512]. There will likely be some configuration additions here in the future to make the date formatting fit the blog's post frequency and groupings.


  • Ignore Pod::Weaver version 4.014. This version shipped with a bug that causes our tests to fail, likely causes weaving in the Perldoc app to throw a fatal error. You should downgrade to Pod::Weaver 4.013 (cpanm Pod::Weaver 4.013) or upgrade to Pod::Weaver 4.015 when that is released. [Github #513]