Release v0.070


Some major changes in this release:

We are now using a new date/time module, DateTime::Moonpig. The previous module did not support parsing dates before 1900, which means that document metadata wouldn't be accurate. This unfortunately is a breaking change, but a warning has been added to deal with the one major difference between the two date/time modules. See Statocles::Help::Upgrading for details.

All application templates can now be overridden from the site.yml file. If you want a specific blog app to use a custom RSS feed template, you can do so:

    class: Statocles::App::Blog
        url_root: /blog
            index.rss: custom/index.rss

These template paths are relative to your theme directory.

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Release v0.069


A couple minor bugfixes today: 2 rare bugs that could cause test failures and prevent Statocles from installing, and now the default site layout explicitly adds a charset meta tag, since Statocles writes all its HTML as UTF-8.

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Release v0.068


This release fixes a missing dependency which Travis did not pick up on. We've also (hopefully) fixed Travis, so that shouldn't happen again for a while.

The blog post command also now allows you to specify --author, --tags, --layout, and --template options to set those fields in the resulting document.

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Release v0.067


This release adds shortcut icons to the site object and stylesheet and script links to the site object.

This release also fixes a few problems in the default theme: One where the default theme's font is unreadable, another where nested lists get continually smaller, and eventually unreadble.

This release fixed some unhelpful error messages, so that problems should be more easily resolved.

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Release v0.066


More fixes for the Highlight plugin, which includes some new features:

  • Documents can now properly include files in their directory. So, a blog post can include "" to show an example, without needing to copy/paste the code.

  • List pages (the blog index page for example) now combine the scripts and stylesheets of their child pages. This makes sure that highlighting works correctly on the index page.

Special thanks to Kent Fredric (kentfredric on github, KENTNL on cpan) for finding all the bugs in the highlighter!

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