Release v0.058


This release fixes a major regression from v0.056: The extra theme files were not being correctly rendered, instead being replaced with Statocles::Page::File=HASH(...).

We also fixed another regression: The site create command has been broken for an unknown amount of time, dying with an error message Can't locate object method "new" via package "Statocles::Template".

In better news: A new HTML linter plugin is available if you want some basic checks to ensure your HTML is correct before you deploy your site. This isn't using the W3C validators (that's a future plugin), but it can do quick checks for well-formedness.

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Release v0.056


Some minor features and bugfixes in this release:

  • Themes will no longer deploy their template files with the rest of the site. This protects your templates from being read or stolen.

  • The Blog application tag descriptions (tag_text) is now processed as Markdown, so your tag pages can have links, headers, and other stuff.

  • There is a new guide to resolving error messages. It's only got some config-related errors right now, but it will grow as time goes on.

  • Related to that, configuration errors are now detected and possible resolutions suggested. A new version of Beam::Wire makes it easier to detect when the config file has a problem with parsing.

  • Finally, links to internal parts of Perldoc files (like L<My::Module/SECTION> are now fixed.

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