Release v0.050


Some minor doc fixes, and a fix to ensure that all links are properly rewritten to include the site base URL.

Also, a reverse from the last release that added an annoying background color to the footer of the default theme (and, by extention, any theme extended from the default theme).

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Release v0.049


A quick couple of bugfixes to solve an ongoing problem at $work. It turns out that using the plain app as the index app was contingent on the filesystem's ordering or some other unpredictable thing. Now, this is fixed, so the plain app can be safely used as the index.

This will be fixed/changed completely to allow any page to be the index in a future version.

Additionally, some footer styles were added to the default theme.

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Release v0.048


Here starts the road to v1.0! Some breaking changes in this release:

Statocles::Page::Feed is now removed. The functionality has been added to all pages, and all the feed templates have been updated accordingly. This means you must update your themes to grab the new feed templates.

To fix a long-standing bug with blog content not showing up correctly on the list pages (index, tag lists), the Statocles::Page::ListItem class was added. This class proxies another page and rewrites its content to survive intact inside a list page.

Some minor things:

External perldoc links are now explicitly labelled as such with a FontAwesome icon.

Some doc updates to start documenting the App API.

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Release v0.047


A bunch of bugfixes in this release, including one that could have prevented users from upgrading from previous versions due to a test failure.

Most importantly, pagination in the blog is working again.

Some additions to the Content help guide about a the new features over the last few releases, and one new feature adding a data attribute to Statocles::Document, which allows for fun things when generating content.

Finally, some of our dependencies have been removed, since their functionality overlapped with other dependencies (or turned out to be very easy to implement ourselves).

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Release v0.046


A few new features and a bunch of bugfixes in this release.

Page objects now have a generic "data" attribute. This allows adding miscellaneous extra information to the Page, which is then available to the template.

Using this, the Perldoc app now has a crumbtrail and a link to the module source, and the blog app can now have introductory text for the tags that show up on the tag page.

There were some changes to the default theme to make extending it a bit easier.

  • The navbar has a default background color, so putting a background color on body is less surprising.
  • The grid columns are centered in their margin, so adding a background color to the columns looks better.

Finally, a document is now allowed to override its template and layout. The document page uses the document template to override the template provided by the app.

Because of this, we can now allow extra pages in blog posts. Just put the extra page inside the blog post's directory.

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