Release v0.029


In this release:


  • yq's filter language now allows $. to refer to the initial document even if the current document (.) is something else. This way one can traverse the document using | filters and still get to the original.
  • yq's filter language now allows assigning values to filters, so you can modify documents in-place.
  • yq's filter language now has an each() function to iterate over hashes/arrays
  • yq's filter language now allows function calls on either side of binary operators (assignment operator and comparison operators). This means we can filter based on the output of a function (like find all arrays with more than 5 elements) or assign the output of a function to a place in the document (like replace an array with its length).


  • We now give better error messages when accidentally trying to insert hashrefs or arrayrefs into a column using the ysql --insert helper. SQL::Abstract does not allow this and instead gives an untrappable warning (instead of throwing an exception, which is potentially earmarked for SQL::Abstract v2)

More information on ETL::Yertl 0.029 on MetaCPAN