Release v0.035


In this release:

More information about ETL-Yertl v0.035 on MetaCPAN


  • Added Graphite time series adapter. Now yts can read/write time series from the Graphite system and related subsystems. The write function is compatible with the "line" protocol, so any databases that understand Graphite's line protocol can be written to.

  • Added --start and --end options to yts command to constrain the time series returned to a specific date/time range.


  • Removed 'Z' time zone indicator from yts input/output and time series adapters. Time zone does not enter in to any of the things we're doing with time series. If users need to do things with time zones, they'll have to do it themselves (poor souls).

  • Fixed a race condition that could cause yts to read the data and not write the data passed-in on STDIN. This requires a new dependency, IO::Interactive.

  • Removed dependencies on some modules to reduce the memory footprint and improve startup times:

    • DateTime
    • Moo
    • Type::Tiny
  • Removed some unused modules that are not going to be developed anymore.

    • Parse::RecDescent versions of the yq language parser. Perl 5.10 regex grammars work just fine.
  • Fixed (YAML::Old) causing tests to fail. This has been removed (for now) as a supported YAML module. The default supported YAML module is now YAML::Tiny.

  • Fixed the yts time series format. Now there is only the "metric" to identify the time series, which for some time series databases may contain abstractions like "database" and "column".

  • Fixed nulls appearing in Graphite time series.