Release v0.036


In this release:


  • Added parse_time function to yq. This function parses a date/time string into a UNIX epoch.
  • Added epoch timestamps as an allowed format for yts time series timestamps.
  • Add default timestamps of "now" in yts. This makes all time series databases the same and makes it easier to add metrics.
  • Added 'LINUX.PROC.LOADAVG' and 'LINUX.PROC.UPTIME' patterns to ygrok to parse the /proc/loadavg and /proc/uptime files on Linux systems.


  • Reduced version requirement for List::Util. This continues our quest to be installable on a core Perl 5.10 without a compiler.
  • Removed unused prereq (Text::Trim).


  • Removed the ymask command and associated prereqs. This command just wasn't very useful, and depended on a module that requires a compiler.

More information about ETL-Yertl v0.036 on MetaCPAN