Chicago.PM Report - Project Night: Alien::Base


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This month's project night focused on Joel Berger's Alien::Base module. The final bugs are either squashed or very close, and we got an introduction to how the whole thing works.

I learned some interesting things about DynaLoader that helped cement the idea that it's an interface on to the system's dynamic linker. I've never dealt with DynaLoader from the Perl side of things, except when it broke, and I would solve those problems in system-specific ways. I learned that DynaLoader could solve those problems in a cross-platform way.

I started writing my own Alien::Base module for libusb, but unfortunately ran out of time. We had some interesting side-discussion on human interface devices and augmented reality.

In two weeks, I'll be giving a talk on scripting Git with Perl. Come on down and check it out!