Chicago.PM - Scripting Git With Perl


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This month's presentation was on the Git::Repository Perl module, given by me. In both my jobs, I use the Git::Repository module to automate releases.

At Double Cluepon, I use it to create the release packages based on tagged commits, so that releasing our software is exactly: git tag vX.X.X && git push --tags. A Perl script builds every package and then pushes them to our update server, where the game will check for a new release.

At Bank of America, we use it to combine our 20-30 Perl distributions into a single release. Using git submodules, we have a "release repository" that holds references to all the modules for each team's releases (some are team-specific, others are shared between teams). A Perl script manages the submodules, determines when the submodule refs need to be updated, tags and branches for each release, and finally builds and installs our modules using Module::Build and local::lib.

All this Git stuff gave me some ideas for possible useful code I can release, perhaps leading to me finally recovering my CPAN ID.

The slides for my Scripting Git With Perl talk

The code for the script that automatically builds releases tagged like "vX.X.X"