Be It Resolved in 2015


This year, I resolve to:

1) Blog more

I've got dozens of blog posts waiting to be published. Time to publish them. I've got dozens of ideas for blog posts waiting to be written. Time to write them. I've got monthly column ideas. Time to implement them.

2) Cook more, and blog about it

Two birds with one stone! I need to try new things in food, no matter how popular they are. I have trouble talking about things that interest me, because I take criticism too personally, and I have an intense need to be liked and praised.

3) Make a video game

Playing the new Soda Crush Saga game reminded me of why I want to create video games. There is no substitute for actually building things. Ideas must be tested. Implementing ideas leads to new ideas. Ideas are cheap.

4) Open up

(i.e. blog about personal things). I'm back to my old, completely-closed-off self. I stare at the ground when walking from place to place to avoid eye contact with anyone. I don't share my feelings with anyone, especially when I'm upset. I bury everything, because I have this idea that nobody wants to hear about the things I'm upset about. It turns out, those people aren't my friends. I was right about that.

5) Exercise

I haven't been to the gym I'm paying for in 6 weeks. Time to fix that. Time to make my dream of a lean 180 a reality.

Writing blog posts satisfies my desire to do one thing on Github every day. Making a video game will also satisfy that condition.

To make this all happen, I need to do a little every day.

Freedom From Speech's Consequences


What happened to Brendan Eich at Mozilla (resigning over community uproar for his continued support of Prop 8) has now happened to one of Github's founders. Tom Preston-Werner has resigned due to community uproar over gender-based harassment.

Some are decrying this as an infringement on free speech. That people should be do and say with impunity anything that is not illegal. That all people should not criticize or judge anyone who is not doing something illegal, as though the law is the only true measurement of good and evil.

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It Begins in Fear


A long time ago, I used to blog about my feelings.

Obviously, since I’m a dude, I’m not supposed to have feelings. At least, I am not supposed to have the feelings I confessed to having. At least, I am not supposed to have those feelings if I am in sound mind.

I still have those posts from Livejournal or from my personal sites. I don’t look at them anymore, but they’re there if I ever want to retread the mental pathways of memory.

A long time ago, I used to talk about my feelings.

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