Statocles Initial Public (alpha) Release


Though Statocles has been on CPAN for months, this is the first time I'm announcing its availability to the world!

Statocles is a CMS for building static HTML websites. The goals of this app are to make it easy to edit content via any text editor [1].

This initial release includes:

  • A blog app
  • Plain pages, for things like About Us and Contact Us
  • A POD renderer for documentation of Perl projects

This site is generated with Statocles, and so is my blog.

Getting Started

Get Statocles from CPAN and follow the Statocles Setup guide. If you have any issues, report them on the Statocles Githup Repo. If you have questions, join us on IRC on #statocles!

[1]: A future project will make Statocles content editable with a web interface