Statocles Static, App-capable Websites

Statocles is a minimal web content management system with a focus on easy editing with any plain text editor.

Markdown and YAML...
title: Home
# Welcome

My name is *Housemoon* and this is [a website](
Becomes HTML...


My name is Housemoon and this is a website


  • A simple format combining YAML and Markdown for editing site content.
  • A command-line application for building, deploying, and editing the site.
  • A simple daemon to display a test site before it goes live.
  • A blogging application with
    • RSS and Atom syndication feeds.
    • Tags to organize blog posts. Tags have their own custom feeds.
    • Post-dated blog posts to appear automatically when the date is passed.
  • Customizable themes using a simple syntax of embedded Perl
  • A clean default theme using the Skeleton CSS library
  • SEO-friendly features such as sitemaps (sitemap.xml).


Install the latest version of Statocles:

curl -L | perl - -M -n Statocles

See the Statocles install guide for more information.

Getting Started

Create a site using the create command:

statocles create

See the Statocles guides for more information.