Release v0.083


A couple additions to this release: A new status command, and a new -raw flag to disable the template rendering when using the include helper.


  • The new statocles status command shows you a quick status of your site, including the last time it was deployed and what date it was deployed up to (if different from the last date it was deployed). We will be adding more things to this later, so let us know if there are any statistics you'd like to know about your site! Thanks @perlancar [Github #516]

  • The include helper now accepts a -raw flag to disable the template renderer. This allows you to easily include Perl code and not have it mistaken for a template. Thanks justinQuiring on IRC for the bug report [Github #529]

    This isn't the end of this: We will likely fix the heuristics to ignore file types (extensions) that do not look like templates. This will be a breaking change, sorry.