Release v0.089


This release should have fixed all the bugs preventing Statocles from working on Windows, though you may need to force install some of the prerequisites.

In this release:


  • Page objects now use Mojo::Path objects to define their paths. This fixes problems that prevented Statocles from working on Windows. Thanks @mohawk2!
  • Most Statocles::Store methods have been removed in favor of a single iterator that returns objects (either Statocles::Document objects for known Markdown files, or Statocles::File objects for all other files). This makes it easier to mock a Store for testing and to, in the future, allow for different document types.
  • We've removed the ability to define the class metadata in documents. This may be replaced with a map of file extension to document class in a later release.


  • Fixed multiple bugs and test failures on Windows. Thanks @mohawk2!
  • Slightly improved test performance by testing page objects without rendering HTML

More information about Statocles v0.089 on MetaCPAN