Release v0.092


In this release:


  • The API for deploy objects has changed. They now accept an arrayref of pages, not a store object to copy. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of filesystem operations Statocles needs to do during deploy (formerly it was once to build the site, then copy the whole site to the deploy).
  • The build and deploy methods of the Site object have been removed. The code to build and deploy a site has been moved to the Statocles::Command::build and Statocles::Command::deploy respectively. Site objects now have a pages method to get all the pages for the site.


  • Added new Statocles::Command system. The Statocles class is now the main entry point for the command-line application, which delegates to Statocles::Command subclasses. This makes building custom commands possible.

More information about Statocles v0.092 on MetaCPAN