Release v0.034


Lots of breaking changes in this release, in our ramp-up to the beta announcement.

The biggest change in this release is the new Deploy object. The deploy object handles deploying the site to a folder or a Git repository. Future possibilities include rsync or FTP, or any command at all.

NOTE: This change breaks your site.yml file, so please read the config help file to fix it.

Some major theme changes were also added, and a new default theme (using the Skeleton CSS library) was added, removing the need for Bootstrap (too big) from a CDN.

The theme is now always deployed with the site, always taking the /theme URL path. This allows you to add extra files, CSS, JavaScript, and otherwise, to your theme.

The template variables were cleaned up to remove a lot of hashrefs and arrayrefs in favor of methods and objects, giving us some type checking and cleaner template code.

There are now generic data attributes on the Site and App objects so you can add any random data you want that can then be used in the templates. Expect upcoming themes to make good use of this feature!

Full changelog continues below.