Release v0.035


Almost ready for the beta announcement now! Only a few issues remain before we can announce beta.

Content is now always processed through the template parser. This lets us have includes in the content, so we can have widget templates or plugins that generate related posts for example. This is a new feature, so I'm excited to see what can be done with it.

There was some cleanup on the URLs we generate: Directories are being preferred to files, so that the URLs are a bit easier to read. /blog/page-2.html is now /blog/page/2, and /blog/tag/mytag/page-2.html is now /blog/tag/mytag/page/2

A new help file was added, all about deploying Statocles. As part of that, a lot of defaults were updated to be more intuitive: The build directory gets automatically created, and the default build directory is set to .statocles-build.

A bunch of things were fixed for Windows development, along with a nasty platform difference in strftime().

The bundle theme command is now actually useful and allows you to specify where you want the theme to be copied. So now, if you want to customize the default theme, you can statocles bundle theme default mytheme to copy the default theme to the mytheme directory.

Full changelog below