Release v0.080



  • Blog slugs (folder path) are now a bit neater: Apostriphes do not turn into dashes, and leading and trailing dashes are removed. So, where the blog post "It's good!" would have previously looked like "/2016/06/02/it-s-good-/", it will now look like "/2016/06/02/its-good/". Thanks @Ferki! Github #507 Github #508

Release v0.078



  • Multiple blog posts on the same day are now ordered by their date attribute. This makes the ordering predictable and changable, instead of being ordered alphabetically [Github #512]. There will likely be some configuration additions here in the future to make the date formatting fit the blog's post frequency and groupings.


  • Ignore Pod::Weaver version 4.014. This version shipped with a bug that causes our tests to fail, likely causes weaving in the Perldoc app to throw a fatal error. You should downgrade to Pod::Weaver 4.013 (cpanm Pod::Weaver 4.013) or upgrade to Pod::Weaver 4.015 when that is released. [Github #513]

Release v0.076


A couple bugfixes in this release:

  • Links on the index page with full URLs are no longer rewritten incorrectly. This was a regression from #345.
  • Using statocles deploy --clean with a Git repository when the content and the deploy are on the same branch is no longer allowed. This protects against deleting all the source content and templates.

Full changelog below.

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Release v0.075


It's been a while, but we have a bunch of changes, and the start of some new documentation.

Some deprecations this time, in the continuing run-up to v1.0:

  • Document data attributes now must be hashes. This makes all the data attributes (document, page, site, application) consistent and easier to manage.
  • The default layout is now layout/default.html.ep, not site/layout.html.ep. Now that layouts are bundling multiple themes, having a specific directory is better.

The new features include:

  • Content sections. Templates and documents can now define content that can be used later in the layout. This allows applications with tags or feeds, for example, to add content to the layout header, sidebar, or footer.
  • The bundle theme command now allows you to specify which files you want to bundle. This makes it easy to copy only certain things from the default theme. This is helpful for the templates that don't change much, like the feed templates, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml templates.
  • The site object now has a templates attribute which allows you to override the site's default layout, sitemap.xml, and robots.txt.
  • The document page sections method now allows for indexes as arguments. This makes it easier to use document sections in template.

And some bugfixes:

  • The LinkCheck plugin now correctly handles relative links to parent directories (..).
  • The LinkCheck plugin now warns about links with empty href attributes. This is technically legal, but is more likely a problem of not filling in the URL.
  • The index page now properly handles relative links. Previously, relative links on an index page would be broken when the index gets moved to /index.html.

Finally, some new documentation is in development, starting with a new theme guide. Please try it out and let us know if anything isn't clear by submitting a Github ticket or telling us on IRC

Full changelog below.

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