Release v0.066


More fixes for the Highlight plugin, which includes some new features:

  • Documents can now properly include files in their directory. So, a blog post can include "" to show an example, without needing to copy/paste the code.

  • List pages (the blog index page for example) now combine the scripts and stylesheets of their child pages. This makes sure that highlighting works correctly on the index page.

Special thanks to Kent Fredric (kentfredric on github, KENTNL on cpan) for finding all the bugs in the highlighter!

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Release v0.065


A few bugfixes in this release:

  • The syntax highlighter now always renders <pre> and <code> tags to ensure proper display. This fixes problems with the Markdown parser interfering, and also with whitespace not being honored in the HTML.

  • The site build is now more constant, so if no content changes, no deploy will be performed. Previously, due to sorting issues and using the current date/time, a site could be built 3 times and create 3 new deploy commits. Now, only when real, actual content changes will a deploy occur.

    This change required a theme change, so be sure to re-bundle your themes.

Full changelog below...

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