Statocles::Page::List - A page presenting a list of other pages


A List page contains a set of other pages. These are frequently used for index pages.



The pages that should be shown in this list.


The path to the next page in the pagination series.


The path to the previous page in the pagination series.


Get the date of this list. By default, this is the latest date of the first page in the list of pages.


Override the default search_change_frequency to daily, because these pages aggregate other pages.


Override the default search_priority to reduce the rank of list pages to 0.3.

It is more important for users to get to the full page than to get to this list page, which may contain truncated content, and whose relevant content may appear 3-4 items down the page.



    my @pages = Statocles::Page::List->paginate( %args );

Build a paginated list of Statocles::Page::List objects.

Takes a list of key-value pairs with the following keys:

    path    - An sprintf format string to build the path, like '/page-%i.html'.
              Pages are indexed started at 1.
    index   - The special, unique path for the first page. Optional.
    pages   - The arrayref of Statocles::Page::Document objects to paginate.
    after   - The number of items per page. Defaults to 5.

Return a list of Statocles::Page::List objects in numerical order, the index page first (if any).


    my %vars = $page->vars;

Get the template variables for this page.

    my @links = $page->links( $key );

Get the given set of links for this page. See the links attribute for some commonly-used keys.

For List pages, stylesheet and script links are also collected from the inner pages, to ensure that content in those pages works correctly.