Release v0.030


With the push towards a useful public beta, I made some breaking changes in this release:

  • All our documents now have the file extention ".markdown" and not ".yml". They are not YAML files, they're Markdown files with optional YAML at the top.
  • If the document has YAML, the document must start with "---".
  • Plain YAML files are no longer allowed.
  • The plain file store is now called Statocles::Store::File, which means your site's config file may need to change.

If you need to change all your files from ".yml" to ".markdown", you can use the following:

find site -name '*.yml' | rename -s '.yml' '.markdown'

Full changelog:

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Release v0.029


This release adds support for static files to the Store and a new app for adding static files to your site.

Since Statocles is meant to be used with a command line, you can now redirect input into the "blog post" command. This makes it easy to write scripts that generate markdown and use them with the blog.

The Statocles website also got a bit of a facelift, and that revealed a bunch more bugs to fix.

There was also a lot of test cleanup in this release, to make future development easier.

Full changelog:

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Release v0.028


This release adds automatic rebuilding of the site when changes are made (OSX only, so far). We're now using Mojo::Log for logging (instead of a hacked up diag() sub).

A breaking change to applications: The index() method is no longer used by the site to determine what is the front page of the app, appropriate to transform into the front page of the site. Now, the first item returned by pages() must be the index page. This reduces the number of methods applications need, and made it easier to implement the automatic rebuilding.

Finally, some much-needed cleanup as part of the automatic rebuilding feature. Still plenty of cleanup to go.

Full changelog:

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Statocles Initial Public (alpha) Release


Though Statocles has been on CPAN for months, this is the first time I'm announcing its availability to the world!

Statocles is a CMS for building static HTML websites. The goals of this app are to make it easy to edit content via any text editor [1].

This initial release includes:

  • A blog app
  • Plain pages, for things like About Us and Contact Us
  • A POD renderer for documentation of Perl projects

This site is generated with Statocles, and so is my blog.

Getting Started

Get Statocles from CPAN and follow the Statocles Setup guide. If you have any issues, report them on the Statocles Githup Repo. If you have questions, join us on IRC on #statocles!

[1]: A future project will make Statocles content editable with a web interface